Different Types Of Yoga

Exercise should be given as much of an importance as food has for many people. There should be a time for an exercise at least once in a day.  Exercise not only makes your body fit but it also improves the person’s mood, his attitude and his mind as well. We often hear people saying that when we already are in good a shape then why do we need to do exercise? It has to be known out there that exercise is not just to get your body in shape, it is much more than that as it activates the person in the best way possible and lifts up his mood. When a person vents out all his aggression during his exercise period then he won’t have any aggression left for human beings or his surroundings which is a good thing. We will be discussing about different types of yoga in this article.


Yoga from North Shore is a kind of exercise which involves all three important parts of human beings which are his soul, his mind and his body. You must have been wondering that how can an exercise affect the mind and souls as well. Well we have an answer for your all queries in this exercise which goes by the name of yoga. Basically, yoga is an Indian originated exercise in which the goal is not just to improve the body shape but also to provide you with the peace of mind and soul. This is made possible by carrying out meditation and breath control activities. Moreover, different body postures that are taught in yoga classes improve the flexibility in a person.

Different types of yoga:

Yoga not only brings the inner peace and relaxation of mind but it also improves flexibility and stretchability in a person. Yoga can be divided into many different types depending upon the kind and level of exercise that is carried out. One of the most commonly done yoga is Vinyasa yoga. It is the kind of yoga in which daily new postures are taught and a person is taught to move from one posture to another quite seamlessly. Bikram yoga is another type of yoga in which various postures and breath control exercises are taught but the main difference between this kind of yoga and other yoga types is that this yoga is carried out in a room with quite high temperature. Besides the above mentioned types of yoga, there are many other types as well like Asthanga yoga, yin yoga, pregnancy yoga and many more. Click here for more info on pregnancy yoga.


Yoga is the only kind of an exercise which not only focuses on the body shape but it also helps in retrieving peace of mind and soul. The basics activities that are taught in different yoga classes is meditation, breathe control activity and taking different postures with your body. There are many different types of yoga. “Yoganic” offers the best yoga classes.